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Our March staff and volunteers communications catch up once again concluded with a quick quiz. Congratulations to Jane Fitzpatrick and Jess Gately who topped the quiz with four correct answers.

Our Zoom competitors certainly know their AEs and their punctuation marks, but there were mixed results on other questions, with all but one stumped by our author question (well done, Charlotte Cottier!) Try it yourself (answers below).

1. What do we call the AE after an Accredited Editor’s name?

A) an honorific
B) a postnominal
C) a postscript
D) a suffix
E) a title

2. Which of the following Australian literary awards is given for crime fiction?

A) Blake Prize
B) Bragg Prize
C) Davitt Award
D) Ditmar Award
E) Dromkeen Medal

3. Which of the following authors was not born in Aotearoa New Zealand?

A) Eleanor Catton
B) Keri Hulme
C) Lloyd Jones
D) Ruth Park
E) Eric Partridge

4. An “interrobang” combines which two punctuation marks?

A) colon and dash
B) dash and full stop
C) ellipsis and question mark
D) ellipsis and semicolon
E) exclamation mark and question mark

5. Hugh of Saint Cher, a 13th-century friar, is credited with inventing which book feature?

A) cover blurb
B) dust jacket
C) index
D) perfect binding
E) table of contents



1B 2C 3A 4E 5C